WHAT IF YOUR VISION BOARD COME TRUE?? Happy "BLACK FRIDAY" Dear, I hope you will only get surprised by the great deals on Black Friday and not with your credit card bills. I too have a great deal that is a bonus point. So let's get started!! OLD IS GOLD:- For those who are looking for gold here it is :- "BINGE WATCHING MOVIES". Well latest movies have hooked us but never underestimate the power of an old one. After a hard-working day, what can be more satisfying than watching films. And nothing can compete if thats a family one with a mixture of laughter, sorrow, drama an


How to believe in your self

If Your friend asks you a question that do you believe in your self you will be speech less why ?Today I will tell you how to believe in your self so the next time your friend asks you that do you believe in yourself you should have a clear yes To believe in your self you should have strength and no fear fight through the fear and go forward to the strength To believe in your self you should be nice kind and polite to everyone even to your enemies you should have a good spirt in your self and if you don’t then try try here is a cote which I made bye is a wor



The appreciation that matters is - your own HOWDY,good people a new "friyay" so Let us, in one stroke, figure out the magic formula for calmness!! DECLUTTER YOUR ALMIRAH RIGHT AWAY:- If you detected a hint of threat in the headline, let me explain that it is not. Just a hint, I mean. It is a full blown warning because I've had enough of you not realising that it is high time you chucked some stuff out of your life. The wardrobe is screaming that it can't take it anymore, but we'll keep stuffing it with more clothes. When you keep some clothes for poor it gives us a sense of


How to be entertained on weekends part -1 ???

So today I am late . my blog was to upload on Tuesday but due. To my exam I can't upload it ...... So I am here with some exciting and interesting ideas to be done on weekend. If you are like me just fell bored on weekends then these tips will help you There will be a bonus point. So do read Preparing a dish - if you fell bored Start making a exciting special dish . Which makes you and family special ? ? . You can prepare some delicious snacks . Or tasty dishes . . Read my blog of some healthy recipes and try making them to . Reading books - books are our bes

Managers, Students

5 Bullet Tuesday: How To Influence People You Don’t Know?

Hi All, Here’s your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Tuesday”, list of things I’m enjoying or pondering. Viral post I loved: This is a hilarious video of how Obama shook hands with a security guard outside 10 Downing Street, while the host country's own President grandly ignored the guard. Imagine the way 15 seconds episode influenced the people all through the world. The point is that as you go higher up in the organizational hierarchy, how you behave with any person creates a perception about you with everyone else. https://youtu.be/hG0gm2QBtDY Quote I'm pondering -


How to calculate selling price and cost price ???

Welcome to Tuesday blog day . So today's it's Tuesday and. Day which I write blogs So my today's blog is about how to calculate cp and sp . So it's easy to calculate cp and sp . I used a formula my nani told me . And that is the best way and the easiest let I share with you ... There are 2 methods one by solving by x . And other by formula ...... I did it by formula ? ? . So let's start-: We are taking 2 questions and solving them ramu .bought a laptop of rupees 1,50,000 at a loss of rupees 15 percent . Find selling price of the laptop. So here we have to find SP


How to make a family calendar

For this you will need a big box of shoes or chocolate like then paints markers and tissue paper and double tape that’s it lets start The box Take the box and paints take 3 or 4 paints only now put them all In a line then take tishu paper and round it up and chub chub it up on the paints then let it dry for 1 minute and then get a marker or stickers of ABCD and write family calendar and decorate then take some double tape and put your fingers there so it becomes weaken paste the tape where you open it and put little sticker know take a print of a 2020 or 2021 cale


How to Clean the EPSON Printer Head?

It can be very disappointing when you see that your relatively new EPSON printer has started giving out erroneous results - either blank pages or light mixed colors instead of a proper print. This despite the fact that the ink is full and there was no stuck paper. What to do in that case. Well, there may be various ways and videos, but sometimes it is our desi friend's that come most to our rescue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYJlqER3qsU This video has what it took me to get this issue resolved using software ased head cleaning. No manual handling / mishan



Bonjour everyone!! Raise your hands if u are a mehndi lover ? It's fragrance ?? ?? But due to pandemic times we can't go and ask the mehndi man -"bhaiya sundar si laga do " How about applying it on our own ? So , here are some tips and tricks I'll like to share to apply mehndi on your hands . Old newspaper ??️ - Take any old newspaper or any used paper . Mehndi cone - Buy mehndi filled cones from market OR You can even buy powdered mehndi , mix in water and pour in the cones. Support - very important!! Use a table or some other stuff for supporting the hands . Make