How to be entertained on weekends part -12

Hello readers !! How fast the Thursday comes and so my blog !! So lets read some entertaing tips to make your weekend a fun and a happy day !! Go go follow the way ---- I have freshly baked tips with a pinch of laughter a spoon of creativity and fun Freshly baked blog So here comes the first tip Eating fruits - Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. - so how many of eat fruits ?? Maybe many of you . But how many of you eat fruits patiently? by taking each taste of it . In our busy life do we even have 5 minutes for fruits .. think 🤔 now eat fruits patiently l


How to do something fun in free time

Yogagames craftAmazon ordering Now I am going to tell you what in this YOGA ,9 Benefits of Yoga Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. ... Yoga helps with back pain relief. ... Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms. ... Yoga benefits heart health. ... Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better. ... Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. ... Yoga helps you manage stress. ... Yoga connects you with a supportive community GAMES Benefits of Playing Board Games Playing board games brings people closer, strengthens relationships, and can help you meet

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Why Is Overrated. How Is Everything. Well, Almost!

(Please bear in mind that this blog script is the one I used to perform this in front of live audience. ) Are you ready for some magic? This is a simple A4 sized paper. Can anyone pass their entire body through this piece of paper?  Well, most of you can't and the ones who can I'm not going to let them do that. If you said you can't, Why can't you?  Do you want to learn how you could do that? --Yes! Let's come back to this activity. Can you make some noise. You have to flip this paper into a half on the long edge and use a scissor to cut it like that. Onc



yeh mein hu, yeh mera blog hai, aur yeh meri CREATE YOUR OWN CALM ho raha hai( This is Mehak, This is my Blog and I am creating my own calm)!! Is trends making us so stupid that we are articulating everything so particularly..... it is just everywhere! it has been around since four days! In case you are not living under a rock, there’s no way you haven’t come across the #PawriHoRahiHai video trend!! i hope you are not sticking on this so far?? Hi all, welcome to my calming friyay five what are you waiting for go give a new taste to this weekend. THE GEN-Z TRENDS:- Every


How to be entertained on weekends part – 11

Hi netizens.. some of you maybe thinkingwhat do you mean by netizens ... ? Yes you are right some thing related to" net ".. it means person who uses a net.. I learnt a new word today - netizen .. so let's start my blog with the tips of weekend andwelcome this upcoming weekend by wearing a 😊😊 smile A good netizen 1) meaning of weekend - who knows meaning of weekend ?? Everybody may be thinking a holiday or fun day orSaturday, Sunday but no let I tell you correct.meaning of weekends W-while break from work E-effective for your health E-earning family time K-Knowledge


How to Stay Calm and Find the Way Forward When You’re under Pressure from All Sides?

Sometimes you just have to hear out what you already know. When life is throwing all sorts of challenges at you all at once. When you know all this is perhaps going to teach you something at the end, but then you feel you didn't need so much learning anyway. When you're doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing. That's exactly the situation I found myself in. Whether it's office or home, work deliverables or relationships, it's seeming to all come towards me in full force. As if someone is throwing another two balls at you to catch, when you take a catch, and ano


How to be entertained on weekends part -8

Hi you 9-5 busy people .. why are you always searching for your technology .. instead using technology .. see the realworldlogy.. this weekend try my tips .. and this weekend make a no phone day ... And read my tips and follow them .... Refrishing nap - " Sleep is the best meditation. Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow," .... How many of you take sleep beyond night ?? Simply means that how many of you take extra sleep not in night but in day too 😮 that is refreshing nap which you take to refresh your self as night sleep is must .. so this weekend take a


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One day you wake up and see that your beloved is slow, slower than usual, slower than ever. You expect the same old reactions from her or him, but Alas! It just wouldn't respond like before. You try the tricks, even the ones that you know irritated your sweetheart before, just so you get a reaction, a fight, a rage, a tear, anything. But nothing is working. You finally give up and learn to get used to her new slow self, but then you notice something else is wrong too. She doesn't understand a lot of what you tell her. Now, something is seriously wrong, isn't it? Well


How to be entertained on weekends part-10

Hello you busyions streesy and afcause people!! .. how are your past 10 weekends went because we have covered 10 parts of my blog means I am writing from past 10 weeks which is more than a month yayy!!! So let's start the chapter of new weekend with new tips + fun ... So let's start and read my entire blog 🤠💞 New month resolution - why we always say new year resolution is it only for new year?? Why can't it be new month resolution or new day resolution .. it can be anything as we are going in new year so we have to change or adopt a new habit ... Even we are going in a new



Blissfully quiet, early morning walks to school while sipping tea. Standing on a chair and updating the section whiteboard in the back of the newsroom. Conversations on sun-drenched afternoons that flow like you could talk to the other person forever.  Those moments feel as though they took place millenia ago, even though I experienced them at the start of 2020.  I refuse to recap these past months with a cliche “2020’s been quite the year, eh?”  2020 was indeed an EVENTFUL year.  The immense pain and loss suffered by people across the world from the coronavirus pandemic, n