Hello my friends I am sohana and Corona you’ll be like what Corona so dear as you know in the tittle I will tell my family corana journey


One day MY FATHER was having high fever and cough my mom was really worried because from 3 day the fever was high so we did a Corona test

and he was positive for to rooms we did a vidio call we couldn’t meet him for a month

but the story did not end my brother had fever next but it came of in a few days the my got fever and cough the she got her COVID test done and as you know positive we saw her from video calls and everything

yes the corna ended

but the fever did not so after a few days I got fever and high

And ya here the Corana did end

Here’s a cote I want to share

days are bright nights are warm but some days teach us a lesson we never forget

bye and have a good day

3 thoughts on “Our Corona journey

  1. Really sohani that was so heart touching!!
    Loved every word you wrote specially the quote!!
    Love you!!

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