it’s easy to make a time table but only if you know the how. Today I will tell you the how.

First of all you can use paper, excel , trello , Kanban flow etc. I use excel and that is what I recommend to you because it is the safest and you can create your app that helps you to improve I do the same. Well now you got enough help 🙂 so lets come to how to design your day. first you put the things that cant change like breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep, school and don’t change them. So your template is now ready use you can fill the left time slots as you want everyday.

congratulations, you made your time table.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a time table #Day 2

  1. Nice Tanav. Good idea to have a template so that daily tasks automatically appear. Then we can focus on other main things. Cheers.. keep ✍️ writing daily 🤩

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