They say it’s just a small test, a small test of patience, fairly long queues, slot not being followed, copies of N number of documents and most important a really small online test after passing the documents round!!

hi all, today i am going to brief about the procedure of applying for learners license and how the online test goes about.

STEP 1:- proceed with filling of the application form available online on the site

STEP 2:- print all the forms and documents required to be scrutinized at the RTO. thoroughly go through all the documents, keep the copies and originals as well.

STEP 3:- They will verify all your documents and if found everything correct, you will be able to take the test.

STEP 4:- Test round :-

it generally sounds like the most difficult stage but you are going to pass the test even with the basic knowledge of signs and boards(although not found on roads). just read about them online and you will definately make through it.

TEST mostly likely will contain 10 questions but if you get the 6 of them correct then they will automatically pass you!!!

the test round is simple but to reach that round their are different huddles to pass which includes:-

reaching RTO on time

carrying all the required documents

and in this way you will get your learners license(valid for 6 months).

here are 3 questions taht i remember:-

  1. which sign is this?

ANS:- Stop

2) This sign represents?

ANS:- Right reverse bend

3) This sign represents?

a) horn allowed

b) compulsory horn

hint:- all compulsory signs are blue in colour.

answer this in the comments below!!

hope this blog makes the process clear!! best of luck well you will definately pass!!

this is Mehak signing off!!


  1. Wow! thanks Mehak for sharing that. Congrats on getting your learner’s license.
    I will wait for you to drive me around 🙂 .. Do post the questions you remember, let’s see how much I still know of driving. 🙂
    Lots of love , Maamu

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