Hello good people so this week i tried my hands on mandala art well i have done that before but this time with a little more perfection that your eyes won’t believe…….

MANDALA is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. Infact the term mandala is derived from the sanskrit word that means circles. it is a representation of our inner worth which makes the design pratical.

MANDALA makes us calm, reduces stress and helps to increase our concentration.


CIRCLES:- Create circles of different sizes. this is the first step.

START DESIGNING:- make different different designs in each column of the circle.

COLOURS:- colours give life to mandala. so colour your heart out and create magic.

here i have my weekly drawing attached:-

you can even write quote on the other side.
the colourful one!!

believe your eyes i have created them.

stay tuned for the next drawing until then this is Mehak signing off !!

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