PLEASE STOP E-VACATIONING!!! I am annoyed from the past week because of my neighbours well it is certainly not because of clash over parking nor is it the spat over sugar but the spam they are creating…. since they landed at a place called pearl of the orient , the paradise on earth the land of beaches and sunsets and the place of Thalassa well you might have guessed that right it is goa wale beach pe!!! you might be thinking of the problem they are creating for me afterall they are far away – well the problem is stories yes you heard that right instagram stories. how you can not be offended by looking at their chappals as their ootd as if chappal comes flying towards you. Frankly, i have seen half of the goa till now well other half i will discover in their upcoming stories. How one can find so much time to update their stories while i am on vacation i hardly get the time to take shower am i on the wrong planet!!so here are some ways to enjoys real over reel!!

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET:- You will find it almost impossible to go through a digital detox if all you can think about is social media. Vacation should be that time when you are evading reality and taking a break from day-to-day life chores. Enjoy these times with your family…

DEFINE YOUR VACATION GOAL:- Is Goa such a boring place that you need still need instagram to relax?? If it’s true Well then I have to alter my plans for vacation!! Define your goal. Ask yourself — and your companions — what’s the point of the trip? To relax? To experience new things? To spend time together? To escape your routine? In other words, what do you actually want to spend your time doing? (I’m willing to bet that you won’t say “obsessively updating your status” )Write down your goal, take a photo of it, and set it as your lock screen image so that you’re reminded of it when you instinctively reach for your phone.

TAKE SOME PHOTOS, BUT FOCUS ON MAKING MEMORIES :- On the subject of cameras, and in the spirit of minimising screen time, think of your camera as being one of those old, disposable cameras with 25 pictures on. Or, you could actually get one of those cameras!Take photos only when you genuinely want to record the moment. Then put your phone away, and contemplate the scene through your own eyes rather than through a lens.Soak up the view, complete with the sounds and smells and sensations, and store a mental picture away in your mind.

I hope these tips sums up your perfect vacation and make sure to enjoy every bit of it….

CURRENT STATUS: they are enjoying at aguada fort?? I need some tips for rescue please comment them over fast, they are returning back on 9th January!!

I hope you liked my blog…

This is Mehak signing off!!


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