Bonjour everyone!!

Raise your hands if u are a mehndi lover ? It’s fragrance 👃👃 ??

But due to pandemic times we can’t go and ask the mehndi man -“bhaiya sundar si laga do ”

How about applying it on our own ? So , here are some tips and tricks I’ll like to share to apply mehndi on your hands .

  • Old newspaper 📰🗞️ – Take any old newspaper or any used paper .
  • Mehndi cone – Buy mehndi filled cones from market OR You can even buy powdered mehndi , mix in water and pour in the cones.
  • Support – very important!! Use a table or some other stuff for supporting the hands . Make sure the hand you are using to apply should be comforted or else shivering hand will create a mess 😣.
  • Oiling – Use mustard oil or coconut oil and massage it on your hands or the area where you’ll apply mehndi .
  • Making hole in the cone – This is the most important step . While cutting the tip of the cone , make a very small cut ( try to make it the most minimum one ) . Now , on the newspaper squeeze the mehndi cone and check if the consistency of the mehndi is like a ribbon . If it’s perfect then move onto the next step or else cut it a bit more till you get a ribbon consistency of mehndi .

Now , your mehndi is ready to be applied on your hands.

  1. Holding – I suggest you to hold the cone as if you’re holding a pen .
  2. Border – Start your design with a border .
  3. Direction – Always remember to go in one direction . Either start from fingers to the wrist or better is to start from the wrist to fingers .
  4. Pattern – If you’re a bit scared to try it on your hands , go for a sheet ( or someone else’s hands 😂😂 ) and start with simple designs and return back to your hands .
  5. Main Design – Create some unique designs or scroll through the net for some . Beginners can try some thick designs and others can try more detailed ones.
  6. Drying – after your designs are complete , let them dry .
  7. Shedding off – Shed off the mehndi on the newspaper.
  8. Again oiling – apply oil and massage on your hands . This step is for dark mehndi.
  9. Sleep – sleep and wait till next morning for best results

Time to click pictures and show off on social media + don’t forget to type – MY CREATION . See how I did ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


How’s it ???

Till then this is Saesha Kapoor , signing off ……


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