Most of our school and college life, we are expected to take notes. However, it is a skill that is hardly ever taught in school of even college. As a student, I was also left to decide myself how to take notes.

All my friends had their own style:

Miserly Jenny for example would start from top left margin and keep writing in smallest possible font he could write with.

He would typically use a pencil, which I thought was so that he could re-use the register once it finishes the next year (or few years down as the small font size meant that his register would definitely not finish so soon).

I kept trying one way and another of taking notes, and never quite found the best way till date.

It was only recently that I figured that there was one technique which was tried and tested. I even applied it to take notes for some topics I was reading, and it served me well.

It’s called the Cornell Note Taking method. See more details and my own example of using it in real life below.

Cornell Two Column Notes
My notes on: Value of telling a story

If your current note taking approach is working well, don’t change it. But if not, follow this approach and see the results.

In any case do share your feedback, which they say is the breakfast of champions. Until next time, this is Mohit signing off.

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