To use presenter view with Zoom, it’s easy with two monitors. All you need to do is share the screen with the slide on it.

However, if you only have one monitor, you probably don’t want to share your entire presenter view screen. Good news. You don’t have to. You can choose to share only the slide portion of your presenter view screen.

Step 1: Have your Powerpoint open in Slide Show Presenter View Mode.

Step 2: In Zoom, click on Share Screen.

Step 3: Then select the Advanced tab.

Step 4: Then click Portion of Screen, and click the Share button.

Step 5: A green box will appear. Whatever is in the green box is what your Zoom audience will see. Click and drag the bar at the top of the box to move it. Click and drag the sides/bottom/corners to resize it.

That’s it. Loved learning this – Mostly thanks to friends at this link.

Also, Zoom will remember the box size and location from session to session.

Until next time, this is Mohit signing off. Ciao.

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