Do you tend to aimlessly walk around in the house?

Do you think that doing what you’re meant to do is impossible, endless or never-ending?

Do you get stuck getting on with anything else in your life because there is so much to do with what you’re obsessively passionate about?

Hello all my zombie friends in the world. This one is just for you.


Mega-Batching is an approach where you avoid Multi-tasking and Context switching, and focus on just one type of task at a time.

After all, Multi-tasking and Context Switching are the BIGGEST time wasters in the world. Moreover, they cause a lot of frustration and stress

Watch this video and see how you can apply Mega-Batching to take a different approach to the way you’re struggling with – your passion or obsession is not very far away from becoming a reality.

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your KIDA Alive Using Mega-Batching?

  1. Wow mamu great
    You are my best mate
    I am impressed you are. A super star
    Your blogs are best.
    Birds live in nest
    I am blessed
    To read your blog
    It is. So much fog ?
    Love you lot
    A small poem from samaira’s COT

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