so you all have read my last blog it has a line about identifing your habit but i thought it is not very easy to find your hobby some of us might face problems by identifing your hobby SO TO IDENTIFY your hobby i have some ways and tricks ans some videos so lets look for them

so to find hobby follow my tips

1 building on your current intrest it means what is your intrest in pandemic times and find a similar hobby

2 creating budget if you cant find anyhobby start from this hobby it is best create a budget diary and make 4 colums about where you spent on what you spent etc

3 think about which thing you value most this is the simpliest tip tp find your hobby like if you value books means you have hobby of readind books

4 encourage conversation taking to the person who is serching for a hobby is the best way as helping them they will find easy talking to them asking about their likes dislikes etc and then you can discover the hobby

hope you like my ways and you can find your hobby thanks for reading my blog samaira kapoor sinining off

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