Hey this Thursday You are back I have a lot in my sack You are back I am pack with lot of fun I am done .Run to my read As it is free Don’t cut trees..If you agree Go to read below Run as it will be lot of fun Freshly baked poem from Samaira’s “मन”…..

A cover page of my blog by my elder sister ?

Howdy creature’s !!! So whats plan for this weekend … I have some tips in my sack . Ready to read … Follow my foot steps you will reach … So let’s begin “TTH”( throw back Thursday) .. the tips will make your weekend special .. .. so let’s rock

…1) drinking a hot cup of cofee-“Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank”. … do you like to drink cofee? I like to drink cold cofee in summers and hot coffe in winters … Which I first time started and I liked it very much … This weekend create a hot coffe mixed with love some calmness and peace this cofee you will love so create a coffee ☕ for you and your family ☺️? .

Me and my sister drinking a hot cup of coffee ☕☕

2) A mini road trip- “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” — …when was your last road trip with your family??? This weekend plan a mini road trip to with a small distance .. it will relax you and your mind .. this Weekend take a break from all your work and go to mini road trip. Decide an destination for your self . It is a good idea to choose a destination that is not too far away for your first road trip. … .

Enjoy your road trip ..

3) greet the dawn – …Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” …the first thing our sky see is the sun and the last moon …. The sun is light of positivity .. star of our heart and shines of our life have you ever spot the sun early in morning ? ? means sunrise … For me no .. when we went to darjaling in 2019 .. I was having high fever ?? and at 3:00 o clock we went to tiger hill to spot sun but that day sun was not visible we were dispoppented but …. So I will be spoting sun set this weekend … And I will greet the sun .. so this weekend try to sleep early and wake up early to greet the sun ??

This weekend greet the sun

Writting a poem -. “Poets are the sense, philosophers the intelligence of humanity.” …I love writing poem .. on my mom every birthday I gift her a handwritten poem … Last birthday too I gifted and she loves every word of it ❣️❣️ I tries to rhyme the word and that becomes my poem .. I have written many poems but not very good but ok ok .. I will be sharing one poem I have written for my nani family in lockdown and this poem bring tears in my nani eyes ? so this weekend write a poem which can touch others heart ❤️❤️

Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

So how we can forgot our creativity coloum this time I didn’t express my creativity on sheet or on paper but it it written in my mineet ( mind+sheet)

So me and my middle sister ? (2) plan some names of days so thought to share with you

  1. Sunday- sleepy Sunday
  2. Monday- mysterious Monday
  3. Tuesday- tired Tuesday
  4. Wednesday- work full Wednesday
  5. Thursday- throwback Thursday
  6. Friday-fablous Friday
  7. Saturday- stunning Saturday

So this is my creativity … This weekend do some creativity and comment it down .. so this is my today’s tth blog hope to meet in next good bye

Hope That We Meet Again. Nothing in this world is meant forever to stay, …

Bye bye

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