Hey !! Human beings how are your last weekends going on .. … Forget the last weekends and oni marks get set goooo get a race to my blog !!!

Oh yes you are first read my tips of making your weekend special … As it is first weekend of 2021 … I am here with some. Tried and tested tips of how to make your weekend special …. So let’s get into my blog

A picture of Sundar nursery
  1. Planning a family picnic- when was your Last family picnic ??? Mine was last weekend to a exciting special place and that’s is sundar nursery .. it’s a very nice picnic spot … Do visit with all precautionary measures … And have fun this weekend

Try something new

2) choose a book different of your choice creatria- how many of you do activity books …. I do but this time I thought to try something new .. so I ordered a reading book . which is very nice .. after reading I get to know that activity books are on 2 number 1 number is reading books …if you love to read action stories buy 1 book of emotional story … You will love to read it .. try something new this weekend

3) Playing.a new card game – cards are never boring from ( Rami to patte pe patta ) how many of you love cards … We explore a new card game which is exposed cards and we love playing it with our counins … It is a challenging game we have to find the person who is related to the given line on card it’s fun … This weekend explore some new card game … And play with your friends and family

Play this game this weekend

4) MY GOOD BYE NOTE – 2020 is ending what are benefits and the disadvantages of 2020 write it in our diary … For me the benefits are we can spend time with our family members .. at home we can try different dishes and study … And disadvantages are many people have lost their lives due to the pandemic .. and many are fired from their jobs and many people are facing different problems we should feel proud that we can step in 2021 .. so this weekend create a good bye note and plan a new year resolution

Bye bye 2020

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment .. so here’s the moment to share my creativity

5) my creativity column- last weekend I tried some thing new I made an elephant puppet sharing it with all of you

My elephant puppet

So this is my today’s blog meet you in my next blog .. samaira Kapoor signing of

4 thoughts on “How to be entertained on weekends part -5

  1. Lovely collection of ideas Samairu! I particularly love the good bye note – we should sit back and write all things that we have been thankful for and all things that we look forward to in the coming year! The ele is too cute! And yes, thank you girls for the card game – haven’t had such a hearty laugh in a long time as much as when we were playing it.. ?

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