My calm on Friday the 13th….

Beware it’s Friday the 13th, but here I have my calmness tricks so relax!!

1) BIRD WATCHING:- there are real birds as well except for those pigeons and crow which usually dominates the sky but they are hard to locate. A beautiful bird can melt your heart and provide you with immense positivity. For that you just need a can full of water in your balcony + enough time so that one eventful day arrives and that you can capture your heart. Just as I did and look what I found!!

2) SNIFF SOME LAVENDER:- The scent of lavender is more than just pleasing to the nose – it can also help relax you. Keep some lavender essential oil with you during times you feel stressed or anxious.

3) RANGEEN RANGOLI:- with diwali around the corner rangoli tops our to-do list. different flavours of colours and flowers which gives us a peace of mind and a beautiful click to showoff on status.

Well thats what I am doing now see my rangoli.

Not so perfect but a platter full of craziness, fun, videography, photography, mere rangoli zyada better hai ,with cousins!!! No one can imagine the fun we had while making this rangoli..

4) STEAM BATH:- well in the times of covid steam is important. Along with the medical benefits it keeps your face hydrated and even calms mind and soul. Have a 2 times steam routine.

5) MY WEEKLY ART:- presenting my weekly art

A dream catcher!!

With this I conclude my calmness ways!!

This is Mehak signing off!!


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