So my today’s blog is about how I try to follow my hobby .. so if you have read my last to last blog about arting . So today I will be telling you that how I. Follow it

So arting means cleaning in artistic manner so I tried it to follow 5-6 days and I achieved my goal as I accept the challenge from me to me and I cleaned many things in artistic manner … There is a cabinet or a small shelf below our TV in the bed room and whenever we have to clean πŸ›οΈ bed we put all the things which are on bed to the cabinet and it looks bad so my father suggested to clean it and I cleaned it 😁 in Artistic way … And I cleaned many small small things … And I cleaned my self too πŸ˜… so I gave a challenge to myself and I completed it so I have made it a hobby 😁 so means that my one hobby from my list has completed so will try to complete one more .. and remember to complete any hobby give a challenge to young self …

So this is my today’s blog πŸ˜„ meet you …. In my next blog πŸ˜ƒ bye bye

2 thoughts on “How I try to follow my hobby.

  1. Thanks samaira , glad you’re able to achieve your mission. Share some pictures also if possible would love to see the β€œarting”.

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