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How to make a time table #Day 2

it's easy to make a time table but only if you know the how. Today I will tell you the how. First of all you can use paper, excel , trello , Kanban flow etc. I use excel and that is what I recommend to you because it is the safest and you can create your app that helps you to improve I do the same. Well now you got enough help :) so lets come to how to design your day. first you put the things that cant change like breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep, school and don't change them. So your template is now ready use you can fill the left time slots as you want everyday. congratulat

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How to develop a habit of scheduling your day. (learn it with me) #day 1

how to schedule your day that is a big question but I will teach you you a method from which you can do that automatically but it takes time so for making a habit you have to do that thing at least 25 times regularly. So I started to make a that a habit since today. The 5 thing that I today was making a time table and it went well for half of the day but then … I am using a template in excel for making time table you can also use one or make one instead like me. This mission is not easy to accomplish but stay confident

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How to improve your impromptu speech sessions

Today, I came across an old video of mine. This is about 2 years old. Now the funny thing about old photos or videos is that no matter how much you hated the way you looked or spoke back then, when you watch them after a few years you simply love them. It brings smiles and laughs and you are taken back in time which you cherish. In this video, I was telling small children how to speak when given any topic. I had myself forgotten all this information, but after watching it I felt that I did talk sense. I am learning from my own self about the tricks. Especially, I liked


how to go in incognito mode in any browser

Incognito Mode is designed to remove any local data on the web browsing session. That means that any cookies a site tries to upload to your computer are blocked or deleted, no browsing is recorded in your local search history, and other various trackers, temporary files, and third-party toolbars are disabled. why should i use this mode- some times when you try to log out from a website and you want to login again with another one it remembers your previous id and it wont let you log in from the new this case use this mode windows/android - ctrl+shift+n

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How is Ah-Counter Role Performed in Toastmasters?

There is a famous quote by Management thinker Peter Drucker which says that If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.  Ah counter in a Toastmaster's meeting is a person who keeps a measure of the unnecessary words or long pauses in a speech. Unnecessary words could be crutch words, filler sounds or repetitions. Crutch words are words used to fill the gap while the speaker is thinking common ones being You know, So, Basically and Like. Filler sounds are sounds such as ah, um and er. Repetitions are either repeated words o

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How To Prepare a Script For A Speech?

As someone who has delivered short speeches for Toastmasters to full day workshops, I have come to realize this trick mostly through my experience. The most critical part of preparing the content is same regardless of whether it is a 5-7 minutes speech or a 2 hour presentation or even a full day workshop. I'll come to what that is, but let me first tell you what it isn't. It's not researching the content. As a matter of fact, we can get into an endless research trap which is to be avoided. Just to give an idea - If you have an hour to prepare the script, don't spend more

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How to Use Your Brain To Your Advantage?

I had given this speech as part of my Toastmasters project. Had titled it 2 States, which is a famous Bollywood movie starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. However, this speech had got nothing to do with the movie or the border between states. Instead, it was about something far more important - Our brains. That's that beautiful instrument which we are meant to use for our entire life, but unfortunately hardly does anyone ever teach us about how to use it properly, isn't it? Hopefully this video will have some answers. Brain always swin