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How to Sketch using Alphabets and Numbers?

I was pleasantly surprised to see these sketches from my twelve year old niece. Do you want to guess who these famous personalities are? I bet all Indians can guess all of these. I was intrigued when my niece told me this is very simple. She added to say she had used Numbers and Alphabets technique to draw all of these. I didn't know what this technique was. See this video to find out. It is indeed going to make your sketching easy as A, B, C. Until next time, this is Mohit signing off.


How to share a PowerPoint in Presenter view on Zoom with single-monitor?

To use presenter view with Zoom, it’s easy with two monitors. All you need to do is share the screen with the slide on it. However, if you only have one monitor, you probably don’t want to share your entire presenter view screen. Good news. You don’t have to. You can choose to share only the slide portion of your presenter view screen. Step 1: Have your Powerpoint open in Slide Show Presenter View Mode. Step 2: In Zoom, click on Share Screen. Step 3: Then select the Advanced tab. Step 4: Then click Portion of Screen, and click the Share button. Step


How to Use Your iPhone as a Windows Mouse

With the entire working from home suddenly becoming a grand reality (thanks to the Novel Coronavirus!), our not so ready home is bearing the brunt of having to offer a comfortable seating comparable to the state of the art offices. It's failing big time. But is there is one thing, I have learnt it that placing a laptop at a distance and in a position such that the top of the laptop screen is almost horizontal to the eye works well. In order to make that work though, we need a keyboard and a mouse. While I did have a couple of wireless keyboards and a mouse also, but given th


How To Capture Full Scrolling Web Page Screenshot

Don't you often feel the need to capture the entire webpage in one single screenshot. Either a PDF or an image. If you're like me, you're using Chrome browser, which makes this possible at the click of a few buttons. It isn't very intuitive though so one has to follow the steps closely. But it works very well. Here you go. See you again, soon. This is Mohit signing off.


How To File MCD Property Tax

Indian government websites and apps have forever been a tough nut to crack. Include in it the Aarogya Setu app, L&DO website (Central government) or the MCD website. Although they do help us get some work done faster but may be they want us not to forget the legacy of unnecessary delay and bureaucratic easily. May be it is part of their "Business" requirements. Anyway, before something changes, or breaks on the latest MCD process of filing the Property Taxes, here's the process for you: What I figured recently was that the old website of MCD has changed, and they si