How To Run Sprint Retrospective

Enough has been said already about this topic, so my intention here is not to suggest another one. The idea here for me is to present a tool for Sprint Retrospective meetings which has served our team very well. So this blog should be read as How To Run Sprint Retrospective Using Poll Everywhere Tool. And why just retrospectives, you could use it for various purposes including interesting activities for any virtual meeting members, gathering insights real time from a team and so on. The tool is called Polls Everywhere. You could set up a poll or question set on the brows

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How To Network?

Networking is considered to be one of the top three skills essential for MBA students. But it's tricky to understand how does one network. It's easy to get a feeling of FOMO, and trying to be present everywhere to avoid missing out. But does such your being present everywhere, parties, conferences, events, inter alia help? It just wears you down with little benefit in expanding one's network. Follow the tips given below for genuine networking. Credits: Deepti Sawhney both for image and research. As a student, I wasn't sure who to network with and who not. Here's a re


How to Use Your iPhone as a Windows Mouse

With the entire working from home suddenly becoming a grand reality (thanks to the Novel Coronavirus!), our not so ready home is bearing the brunt of having to offer a comfortable seating comparable to the state of the art offices. It's failing big time. But is there is one thing, I have learnt it that placing a laptop at a distance and in a position such that the top of the laptop screen is almost horizontal to the eye works well. In order to make that work though, we need a keyboard and a mouse. While I did have a couple of wireless keyboards and a mouse also, but given th

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How To Prepare Word of The Day At the Last Minute

As a Toastmaster, you often get a last minute request to take up the grammarian role. Whilst everything else required for the role is doable, the word of the day sometimes makes me nervous. I have maintained a diary and app and done everything under the Sun to have something handy, but then, in the last minute rush, its either too much information that makes it a problem or too little. You can always use the dictionary also, but then it's not just sharing a new word and it's meaning. It's much more than that, you have to be able to make the audience register it and make it


How To Memorize So You’ll Never Forget?

In my growing up years, I don't know from where I picked this one line which I thought made me look very cool. My brain's like a sieve Looking back, I don't know how cool it made me look, but saying it over and over certainly damaged my memory quite badly. I have hence learnt the importance of using our super computer brain cautiously to say the least, so that we don't end of digging our own grave. Tanav and I recently did a discussion about the techniques to use to memorize things or words so that we never forget it ever. Here's it is:

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How To Give A Useful Speech Evaluation

I have already covered this in a previous blog but just to test it out, I applied this technique in the last club meeting. Voila, it worked, and I won not only the Best Evaluator among four extremely talented evaluators but also the table topics. Well, that's because the table topics was different this time. Our VP Education was the Table Topics master and she's an innovator. So, she played a three minute Priyanka Chopra speech, which she then asked the Table Topics Speaker's to evaluate, based on her selected areas such as Share one Commendation, a Recommendation, and Summ


How To Capture Full Scrolling Web Page Screenshot

Don't you often feel the need to capture the entire webpage in one single screenshot. Either a PDF or an image. If you're like me, you're using Chrome browser, which makes this possible at the click of a few buttons. It isn't very intuitive though so one has to follow the steps closely. But it works very well. Here you go. See you again, soon. This is Mohit signing off.


How To File MCD Property Tax

Indian government websites and apps have forever been a tough nut to crack. Include in it the Aarogya Setu app, L&DO website (Central government) or the MCD website. Although they do help us get some work done faster but may be they want us not to forget the legacy of unnecessary delay and bureaucratic easily. May be it is part of their "Business" requirements. Anyway, before something changes, or breaks on the latest MCD process of filing the Property Taxes, here's the process for you: What I figured recently was that the old website of MCD has changed, and they si


How to Get Started with Your Financial Goalsetting

There is one thing common among all human beings - that is that they're all different. It's the same with our aspirations, beliefs, and circumstances. They're very different even when we're in the same age group, or if we studied in the same college. That's what makes financial goalsetting a rather unique planning with no one size fits all solution. Here's Mr Bean's journey, his situation but the process he followed could benefit others as well. Confide in someone who knows: There is a concept of a sniper approach versus a machine gun approach in management. A machine


How To Structure an Evaluation Contest Speech

What's most important as an evaluator is to have an evaluation framework ready. It could be different for you and me, and it could be different even for you at different occasions. But the main point is to have a framework ready. As a matter of fact, the same thing applies to impromptu (Table Topic) speeches as well. If you have that you could use your initial 15-20 seconds to put the topic in that framework, before giving it a go. While one can simply say that the Beginning, Body and Close (BBC) is already there, then why does one need anything else. Well, the reason is th