How to keep your computer safe from viruses (free)

if your computer is infected by a virus, it's really hard to get rid of it. It can destroy your data and damage your computer completely even if u think you think don't have a virus, you can be wrong. To fix that you need an anti-virus. but sometimes the anti-virus doesn't work properly. so, you need a good antivirus that can help you remove the virus which is ruining your computer. download an anti-virus the best free one is AVG antivirus in your computer I have personally used it and it works great.if you think your computer is infected with a virus click on the 3 dos you see


How to use our own iPhone/android phone as a microphone on your mac?

The professional microphones cost a lot and if you are like me you don't want to spend that much money, but then how to get studio-quality mics? this leads us to a simple solution use your phone's microphone and To convert your phone as a microphone you need to follow some simple steps that I am going to tell u in this blog. Step 1.Open your iPhone/android phone, launch app store/play store Step 2.Search for microphone live, download it. step 3. Connect your phone to ur mac via cable. step 4.Open app call audio midi setup and enable the phone that is showing up there.


A letter to the most beloved person of mine

You must be thinking who is that person that is most beloved to me, of course it is not one but in this blog I will tell you about my nanu. (nanu is the person who is the farther of your mother) The thing which I like the most He is very calm,this is the one of the billion things i like about him.He had many problems in life and he still he is having one but he always stayed and i am sure he will stay calm.one of the incidents i remember is when he was coming back from his office and some thefts stopped him and tried to rob him but he stayed calm and overcame that incident .

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How to make a time table #Day 2

it's easy to make a time table but only if you know the how. Today I will tell you the how. First of all you can use paper, excel , trello , Kanban flow etc. I use excel and that is what I recommend to you because it is the safest and you can create your app that helps you to improve I do the same. Well now you got enough help :) so lets come to how to design your day. first you put the things that cant change like breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep, school and don't change them. So your template is now ready use you can fill the left time slots as you want everyday. congratulat

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How to develop a habit of scheduling your day. (learn it with me) #day 1

how to schedule your day that is a big question but I will teach you you a method from which you can do that automatically but it takes time so for making a habit you have to do that thing at least 25 times regularly. So I started to make a that a habit since today. The 5 thing that I today was making a time table and it went well for half of the day but then … I am using a template in excel for making time table you can also use one or make one instead like me. This mission is not easy to accomplish but stay confident


How to create your own email from google

1.go to a gmail.com on your browser. 2.click on the icon you see on the top right corner. 3.now click on add another account 4.now create another account 5.fill the details (your name,username,password) 6.now click on next. 7.but your phone number (don't you can make multiple emails with same phone number) 8. again fill the details(if you are not a adult it will not allow you to make a email so put wrong birth date) 9.click on next 10.so the last step is to click on yes,i am in


how to go in incognito mode in any browser

Incognito Mode is designed to remove any local data on the web browsing session. That means that any cookies a site tries to upload to your computer are blocked or deleted, no browsing is recorded in your local search history, and other various trackers, temporary files, and third-party toolbars are disabled. why should i use this mode- some times when you try to log out from a website and you want to login again with another one it remembers your previous id and it wont let you log in from the new one.in this case use this mode windows/android - ctrl+shift+n


How to solve json to upload a picture problem in word press

Note- When you try to upload a picture in word press while writing a blog, i will tell you how to solve. step.1- Click the plus sign in the next line step.2-click on image step.3- upload the image you want to be shown in your blog step 4.-it will shoe you a error to upload the picture now again click on plus sign and then the image block step 5.-now instead of clicking on the option upload from device option click on media library and then you will be able to see the picture you tried to upload earlier.


How to generate profile picture on your website (wordpress)

1.go to users 2.select your profile and click edit 3.scrool down and you will find the option of profile pic click on the beside it 4.press sign in (and then sign in) 5.click on the add profile picture 6.select a picture from your device 7.crop your image and then click crop image 8.then select the option you want to choose, you don't have an idea just keep option 1 and click on next 9. 99 percent of the work is done now just click on the image that you see and confirm. 10. now you should be able to see the photo on your blogs.